I don't think I can make it into old age

As a developer, 25 years old and I’m 3 years in this industry about to get laid of by february 22, has a family to feed, quite higly paid as of today but I really can’t stop worrying about the future

Can I even send my kids to college when I’m competing against the whole world with my skills set 10-30 years from now? where there is a new technology to learn and those kids are way cheaper and more plentiful than me?

I currently made it big since the niche of cordova + ionic + angularjs provides but since my contract is ending and I just can’t go back to earning low to gain experience with .NET, Java or Ruby on rails.

I really hate the lack of job security in this industry, hell I’m even in a third world country, even if I immigrated I know that the jobs there are being outsourced here and we’re getting ripped off big time, Just imagine I’m only receiving 50% of what my client pays my company

I really wish I could remake my college days and learned medicine instead, even if you don’t get paid that much you’d still get prestige,respect and eventually money.

God damn it I Hate our industry

And also fuck agile,


I think there is a huge niche for angular devs right now, in the future these applications will need to be maintained. Also, having a grasp on js will make you hirable almost anywhere… Javascript is not going away. If you had gone into the medical field you may be complaining about insurance companies not providing support to customers, the FDA and other regulations existing in the healthcare industry.

Also I agree with your sentiment on agile.

I’ve never really worked in the kind of jobs that @shh describes, and unfortunately, I don’t think the fad-driven culture of programming jobs is going to go away anytime soon. I think the only way out of this is to actively look for jobs at places that aren’t fad-driven. Large places like Google or Microsoft are usually pretty conservative with regards to what technology. They’ll only deploy new languages or new tools (or even new features of old languages) after they’ve been used for a few years. They’re more interested in solving hard technical problems at scale than with chasing the latest fad or using the latest framework.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any ideas on how to go about finding jobs like this, but if you want a long stable career, I would suggest looking at jobs at larger, more stable companies and developing the kinds of skills you’d need to get there.

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