I feel sad and defeated


I posted her last year. I think I was off my meds then, but i have been back on them for a year now.

I’m so upset about the things going on at my job. Mainly with this one guy. He’s QA and I’m Dev.

When he tests my work, he always has a snide comment to make on each FogBugz case I work.

"I guess this is fine, but "

He comments on my code unsolicited (when he sees it on my monitor). He now has access to the code in TFS.

He treats me like I’m new to the field, even though I have 10 years experience and have accomplished things.

He’s just downright mean.

I have no power to back him off. I feel like he’s overstepping his boundaries, but my lead says otherwise.

Just sigh…

How have things been for you after the adjustment to being back on meds?

The clashing between QA + dev is something I identify with (I’m sure a lot of people do). I try to remember that since QA is their job, they have to find those bugs to feel useful / necessary. That being said, how they phrase things is super important and it seems like his unsolicited comments are out of hand.

You mentioned your lead says otherwise, but is there is a template or outline for QA feedback that you can point to as him not following? Or perhaps the creation of a process that wouldn’t allow him to go into your code unprompted?

Hey. Sorry for the late reply. I would love to give them a template, but I’m very sure they won’t be receptive to it.

I’m coping ok. I broke up with my girlfriend of 11 months back in July. It was my first interracial relationship, too. My mon was probably rolling over in her grave.

I’m working my booty off as the sole developer on a huge application. Its constantly changing and it tends to be pretty complex.

Everyone at work loves me, so that’s good.

I’m just trying to do the absolute best I can and deliver the best product I can.

Why will you think about other who doesn’t think about you? Forget her completely. And try to find out someone new. LOL!