I love making android apps, but hate promoting

My Social Anxiety and Me
Well i have been living with social anxiety pretty much all my life.
I’m so afraid of rejection and criticism i avoid it like the plague.
So making this post is a step i felt i must take to overcome this illness enough to release my app, and progress.

The Problem
My app has been siting on Android developers draft for months :pensive:
I focused on developing it rather than promoting it.
I thought if i made it Google play would display it in a new release section haha.
But their is one but you need a lot of money, or alot of downloads.
I’m afraid my app is going to go to the app graveyard.
I have no idea how to promote it or even if it’s good enough.
Im such an idiot, and coward. I have no idea what to do

How I Feel Now
After writing this post i feel uneasy about the criticism that may come.
And how people will respond to this post.
Mainly i’m afraid of the unknown.
But i feel like i have to post this no matter what strangely!

Hi - what is your app? I’ve released onto google play although a while ago now - not sure what the Android’s Developer Draft is. Is it a free download - you could post it here and let some people here download it and see it at least. The thing to remember is that millions of apps end up nowhere. I had one of them myself - thought I’d release one for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games - never got a single download . Neither did many of the other independent apps released for it either. So a massive event with lots of publication - my app was one of the first to go up and still no hits. (I had a technical hitch with one of the app updates but even without this doubt I would have got any downloads). It was disheartening after all the work but look at how much you learned building it - and you’ve got something to demo at jobs interviews. I also released quite a few apps for the company I worked for a few years back who did event apps - corporate branded apps for their annual conferences etc and despite them being free and very useful for the attendees - still hardly anybody downloaded them. Anyway think about posting the link - I for one am curious:) If you mean developer’s draft in that you haven’t put it up on google play - you should do it just for the experience of the release procedure. Google Play is pretty straight forward compared to App Store, but still something you need to do.

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@devdesp Thanks so much for your reply! I’m sorry your app didn’t get any downloads :worried:. Yeah by Android developer Draft i meant still in the developer console i guess i should have explained that more, sorry about that i was nervous. But your’e right. I never thought that i could promote my app on here. Thanks for the tip.
I have to polish some things up first before i can do that though.
O and my app is a simple social media app that allows you to send a picture, and allow friends to edit it to their hearts content and send it back. Do you think it’s a stupid idea?

I’m not big into social media, but no I don’t think it’s stupid - I think it sound fun. I can imagine myself floundering about with it trying to figure out what it’s all about but see my kids loving it. When you feel ready put the link up and I’ll have me and my kids play about with it.

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@devdesp Thank you again. Haha i can imagine that. Please don’t feel any obligation to do so you’ve already done enough for me, for that i thank you. I’m mostly likely going to post on monday, since my grandma birthday is tomorrow. And it’s going to be a busy weekend! By the way how are you feeling i read your last post i felt terrible that i couldn’t help you, or offer any advice

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Hey - I’m mental I don’t feel obliged to do anything - strictly stick to doing what I want - that’s probably what led me to my work situation - even I was a bit taken aback by my indignant assertion that I wasn’t there to be bossed about by my two bosses:) I feel better now anyway - just put my kids to bed and realise how lucky I am :sunny:

@devdesp Haha ok not a bad mindset! I’m glad to hear it. Those kids are so lucky to have a great mom like you! Im really hope that everything works out for you and your babies, i’m so sorry you were in this situation. .Will you keep us posted on your situation?

Yes for sure. It feels good just to have got it off my chest. You be sure to post that app!

Alright it’s a deal!

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Hey - I woke up this morning (as well as feeling sick to my stomach) thinking about your app. One thing I never done with my personal app was let anyone test it. I should have thought about this last night - but there are free mobile app testing platforms out there like hockeyapp or which will let you release your app for others to test on a device. You could do that first before releasing and I know your anxious about criticism but testing feedback is critical to all software dev. Its also all aimed at making the app better and although the feedback might seem a pain it also let’s you understand users better - and remember the users aren’t always right either so you need to decide what issues should be accepted or otherwise. All software has something wrong with it both prerelease and after. So why don’t you try a test release first I for one will volunteer - maybe others in here would too. The aim is to get this app of yours out the door and try and manage the anxiety I’m on my phone so apologies for any strange formatting.

@devdesp Hey i’m sorry you feel sick :worried:. How do you feel now? Your formatting is great don’t worry :smile: .I’m setting up Hockeyapp as we speak. Thanks for the information. If it weren’t for you my app would never be released.Though i feel like my app isn’t good enough, but this is a step in the right direction. You truly are a great and kind person. Thank you again

When you are set up you can provide me the link you can post it here if you want to ask for other testers just now or if you prefer you can just pm me the link - assuming you can pm on this site. Here is a link to how to invite users once you have uploaded your app in case you haven’t seen it http://support.hockeyapp.net/kb/app-management-2/how-to-invite-beta-testers

You getting your app released is all down to you - please don’t put that pressure on me :slight_smile: You’ve put the work in and you’re almost there - you need to take credit for that. The first app I attempted is still in development - or hibernation - and that was from about 5 years ago :slight_smile: Give yourself a break you’ve done good just getting to this point. Really it doesn’t matter if it goes nowhere - if you love building them then it has been good practice for the next one.

There are loads of resources out there that are focused on the marketing of apps etc, you can concentrate on that stuff with the next one just get this one out there - it will be a great personal achievement for you and such a relief when you do.

I hunted out my old android phone in preparation for it today and found some old apps on there that I did that cheered me up no matter their imperfections - and there were a lot. App development is really enjoyable. Anyway I’m off to bed now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and drop me the link when it’s ready - it will take my mind of my own worries.

@devdesp Hey i can’t release my app today. Mainly because of a sudden family emergency. But don’t worry its nothing to serious. Im going to be away for a few days. I just thought I’d tell you. But this doesn’t mean i dont want to hear how you’re doing, and hows your situation when i get back. :-).

No problem. I think I’m going to be lurching around here for a while :smile: Hope everything sorts itself out with your family.