I stuck on my current job

Currently i work as a junior software developer in one large outsourcing company. It was my first job and i was ready to learn as much as i can, but what is actually i do - nothing. Small bug fixing and little code rewriting or style fixing. We work with .NET stack and i am currently kind like UI guy, so only frontend code could be modified by me. I feel really unuseful. Work, i thought about should be the most interesting experience, really suck. How i can overtake this feeling? I have no time to make much pet projects, only on weekends. I even was thinking about improving my .NET skills and switching to that part of development, but we have only two UI guys included my, so nobody will allow me to leave frontend stack here. I have contract for year so leaving job is not an option in this case.

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Sounds like you’re stuck at the current job for a year, so the best thing you can do is make the best of your time here. Choosing to improve your .NET skills is definitely a good idea. I’m a little confused by your current situation though: you say you have not much to do, but you also say you don’t have any free time., If your actual workload is very little, then you should have lots of time to work on your skills, even if it’s not directly related to your job.

Additionally, is there some way you can take more responsibility at your current job? Can you come up with different UIs or features, make small prototypes and present them to your bosses as suggestions things to integrate? That way you would be exercising your skills as well as making a good impression on your employers.