Im looking for a online mental health advisor?

hello world , as a backend developer, I’m no stranger to the intense stress that comes with our line of work. Lately, I’ve been pulling overtime hours, juggling multiple projects, and facing tight deadlines, leaving me feeling drained and unsure if it’s burnout or something more serious like depression. Despite being health-conscious with my diet and exercise routine, I can’t shake this feeling of needing support.

For those who have experienced burnout or depression due to the demands of our job and sought mental health support online, I’m reaching out for guidance. Given my tight schedule, I’m considering online support options as I don’t have the time to seek traditional therapy in person. Have any of you tried online support services, and if so, could you please share your experiences and perhaps provide recommendations? I’m eager to hear whether online support has been effective for you or if you’ve encountered any drawbacks.

Welcome @canelo_golove - that feeling of needing support can be quite persistent. I see my therapist online/virtually. It’s not through a specific service - just an individual who I gel with ideologically that offers that. It’s quite common post-pandemic I’ve found. In my opinion, I would try to find someone where you can create a good therapeutic alliance and go from there.

Not a specific service but there’s a directory called Inclusive Therapists that might be a good jumping off point?

Pros for me: I had a wider group of potential therapists to choose from because I wasn’t limited to geography, schedule-wise is great (no commute!), the comforts of home for after a tough session
Cons: Sometimes less direct eye contact or overlapping in conversation can be weird in that way that online convos bring. Also I often wish that I did have more breathing room surrounding it in my schedule.

tanks alot , last question , for me all what i want to talk about is my job :frowning: you now the rest of the story , do i realy need a therapist , or a coach will be good for me , because , all that caused by my job …

It’s hard for me to say - I think everyone is different. I know for me a lot of issues with work crossover with other life issues where I need someone with therapeutic experience - but that might not be the same for you! The important thing is for them to create a safe container for sharing and receiving info.