Interesting articles, external anecdotes/stories, and other resources

I found a few articles that really spoke to me on these topics recently. Since this aims to be the place for people to connect on these issues, I thought I’d start a thread to share links like this. There is probably a better way to structure this, but until someone figures out what it is, here goes…

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I find James Altucher’s blog makes me feel better.

Article by a Chicago based author in the NYT:

The Problem with How We Treat Bipolar Disorder

This is a pretty great and humorous blog post

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I just gave a talk called “Open Sourcing Mental Illness” yesterday at php|tek13 which might be helpful for some folks. I’ve uploaded the slides and an audio recording of the session.

I’m going to be giving this talk at a few upcoming conferences, including:

  • Open Source Bridge


  • Lone Star PHP

  • Distill

  • True North PHP

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listening now … it’s great you’re sharing your story, and also glad to see on your blog you’ve received a lot of positive feedback. more confirmation about people who are in need.

This talk rocked my world.

Totally worth watching and trying!

Winston Churchill referred to his own depression as living with the “black dog.” An organization in Australia has adopted that name and created a fantastic website about depression and bipolar disorder.