iOS Dev. 4+ years of experience. Out of work couple weeks ago

I lack the motivation to write structured/maintainable code with design patterns, know what I mean? I could get a job. But I will do the same unstructured stuff which won’t aid maintainability.

My other tech interests are Cyber security which does involve some scripting. But I don’t have any certifications in it. I could get one. But will that help?

What do I do now?

I’m not an OpSec myself. But, what i here from the guys of my place is that certifications help you to get recognition for your expertise.

Certification doesn’t make you better expert, but it looks much better to non technical ppl especially HR or management ppl. So, you can cross initial barrier easily with some certificates than without.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to help, but I thought I’d share my experience. I have the literal opposite problem, and have been struggling just as hard with keeping a job.

I’m so focused on trying to keep clean and maintainable code that I end up struggling to get things done quickly. I could try to work harder in a less structured manner, but I end up loosing track of what’s going on, and I start stressing out about the lack of code cleanliness, which always makes me to work slower, and then it doesn’t look like I can get things done.

Anyway, I know of some people in InfoSec that are able to get along fine with “just scripting,” so perhaps it would be a good alternative for you. Another idea is that you could try working for a young startup—they’re more focused on making prototypes quickly than they are making them stable and maintainable, so maybe that could work in your favor.