It is never easy to forgive.

My ex-husband wants me to hang out with him, like a date. I did not expect him to ask me such since we’re not that close anymore, I mean after that divorce we had a year ago, I decided not to keep in touch with him and stay aloof to guys like him. But destiny must be joking on me; we met again in a foreign tour we both attended a week ago. He talked to me like he never made any mistake in our marriage. Now, he’s asking me out. It’s not that easy to forgive and forget on what had happened. Should I just dump his invitation?

What was the reasoning behind your original decision to not keep in touch with him?

I like to give people the benefit of a doubt but in this case, it sounds like there was a deliberate effort to start anew. It’s one thing to remain acquaintances and cordial and quite another to go out on a date. You don’t owe him forgiveness or your time if you’d prefer to continue your paths separately.