Junior Web Dev, Teaching Assistant, Diagnosed Bipolar 1 and on Lithium since June 2014

I don’t know really what to share specifically, but I have recently sought out this forum and I wanted to just put myself out there and say I exist. I recently completed a pretty full-on 3 month web development bootcamp in the last few months, returned back from overseas after living abroad for 17 years and haven’t entered a manic state or been non-compliant with treatment but its been very testing at times.

I am looking for my first real FT web dev gig and I am aware it can take a few months. Just saying the struggle is real and hope I can be more involved in OSMI- I am actually thinking of trying to run a talk about my experiences at my local scene.

Welcome to the forums @airbr :tada:
& congratulations on completing your dev bootcamp!

It sounds like you’ve got a good approach for the next little bit of your journey. And I hear ya about the being very testing at times, especially when things are transitioning.

Don’t hesitate to post if you need additional support; job searching has its own ups + downs.