Just wanted to vent

I went back to school second time for CS, but I realized it’s not good enough to land a job in any software dev industry, how awful that I wasted my time there, I should have just taught myself.

I have great visions and I want to start my own company, because even though I can think of many ways how to market my software, I wasn’t taught how to code.

this is making me so depressed because I feel inferior too when I meet other devs that were graduates from out-of-state schools, working in some tech company here…

I want to hear advice from you guys on the reality of a start up tech company.

All I know is that it’s pure dedication and I can’t wait to go to work everyday.
but then again, I don’t have much money. They said entrepreneurs don’t know how to code or run a business but maybe they have some money to pay for their tech team.

How much will it cost? I know some freelancers charge $100/hr.
I feel like right now the software that I have in mind will be billion dollar company, and yet I also get very anxious about this because it means that I’ll be competing for bigger companies.

thanks for reading. Sorry if I may sound delusional.

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I can relate completely to you mate, just keep working at it. I always find myself wondering about bigger things, we were all brought up with the notion that if we follow our dreams and work hard it will all work out but somethings a feel like someone lied to me.

Lets keep things in perspective, and at risk of sound envious, if the next person can do it, become success then we can too.

Some may think these video are rubbish but I find these videos kinda entertaining and yes I know Shia Labeouf is a bit of a tosser but the videos are great.