Learning to stay passionate after discovering your it path

I have been learning about it and computers for years now. After everything I’ve learned I’ve decided that I’m passionate about low level languages like assembly. I’m on disability and could literally study assembly as much as I want. Even tho disability pays my bills and food and health care I still desire more. Not more money I desire success and knowledge. If you were to find a career path through certifications. You would be following the path of thousands to get entry level job. I’ve decided that if I have free time to study the means to get books. That I want use my adhd to my advantage to focus on the technologies that excite me. I’m starting therapy for past trauma anxiety and adhd. I want my passion for detail back. I want my analytical mind back. I need advice on studying with adhd bipolar and destracting trauma. I’ve been looking into it and I found out studying for 30 minutes and breaking for 10 minutes, and during my breaks do something creative something joyful or peaceful like meditation. I get so excited about making a plan to learn assembly and what I would like to learn after that. I’m getting a laptop to study with and I’m hoping that practicing everyday will bring that passion I have for a new technology to learn keep me driven enough to finish my goals. Have any of you been in a place where you have a desire to do something new but lose hope after you get started