Lexapro question

Hello everyone, im new here and im here on behalf of my wife as we are in somewhat of a pickle. For starters, we cannot get in touch with her doctor so I decided to come here to try to maybe see if one of you have been in the same situation and could give us your opinion. My wife is prescribed 10mg Lexapro that she’s been on for a little while now (6 months give or take?). She usually takes it at 6pm on the dot everyday. Well, yesterday she missed her dose due to her phone alarm not going off and us being busy and she didn’t realize it until this morning when she started to feel really crappy then it hit her that she forgot to take it. I googled what to do and it said to take it as soon as you remember that you skipped a dose. So she did that. Around 8am. But what I’m wondering now is, does she switch to taking it in the mornings? I read that you’re not supposed to double up on your dose but how do we get her back to taking it at 6pm like she used to? Im really confused and I hate to see her in any discomfort so im really trying to figure this out. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

I’ve been on 20mg lexapro before – 20mg/day is the highest therapeutic dose. I can’t give medical advice, but I can say that I’ve missed doses and felt shitty. Usually I didn’t feel shitty until 2-3 days after the missed dose.

With a 10mg dose, either taking it at 6pm tonight or waiting for 6pm tomorrow should be fine. (Based on 20mg/day being a dosage people take). I’m not a medical professional though. Best option would be to call your prescribing doctor, or a nurse hotline, or your pharmacist. Those folks can take into account any other meds and any health conditions that would predispose her to seratonin syndrome.

please pay attention to this. my friends’ doctor didn’t take this in consideration whilst using other medications and she ended up with depression that she fought with for years.