Looking for online classes teachin self-assertion

Hey there,

one of the main problems of my partner, who is in a deep depression because of his job, is self-assertion. I am looking for online courses / trainings, that might help him to learn that. Setting Boundaries, saying no, self-assertion.

Do you have any recommendations? Sadly, here in Germany, most self-assertion classes are for children and women but very rarely for men.


Hi @Scathach - thanks for posting!

I don’t know of any particular classes I can recommend but maybe Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) would lend itself well to learning more about boundaries and strengthening good self-talk?

So I realize I’m about 3 months late but figured I’d reply anyway :slight_smile: I’m a licensed therapist who may or may not have a resource hoarding issue.

@allisonplus is on point with suggesting CBT as they have a well-documented assertiveness training protocol if he’d be open to working interactively with a clinician or coach. Or could try out one of the many CBT mobile apps flooding the market as well. As far as online goes, you may try searching “assertiveness training” you should find quite a few options on major platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, Linkedin learning, etc.

This leadership course states that it’s free if you sign up for their newsletter, supposedly a 4 hour long eLearning on “Difficult Conversations”.

If you’re feeling up for role-playing this link is a 27pg trainer guide for an Assertiveness Training Workshop. I mean, it could make for a fun date night :wink:

Overall, I’d say we’re a pretty avoidant society so he’s not alone. Having a passive communication style or dreading conflict can have roots in everything from past events, to insecurity, to apathy, and others, then again sometimes it’s just people-pleasing or path of least resistance. I know this is a bit more than an online course recommendation but one last thing…
One of the most helpful things for me personally to internalize was a dang Brene Brown quote, “Clear is kind, unclear is unkind.” I know it’s cliche but it’s easy for us to see being “easy going” or not having specific requests as being nice- a lot of time’s it’s not.

Okay, dropping a few last links for overkill then I swear I’m done. Best of luck with your support!

https:// www. octc. co. uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Assertiveness-OCTC-practical-guide.pdf
https:// www. training.nih. gov/assets/Assertiveness_Handout.pdf
http:// www. cmhsrp. uic.edu/nrtc/tools.asp
https:// digitaldefynd. com/best-assertiveness-courses/
http:// www. openlearningworld. com/books/Assertiveness%20Training/index.htm
https:// www. psychologytoday. com/us/tests/personality/assertiveness-test