Lost clients due to psychotic phase

Started freelancing last year and had 3 clients at the peek time but now I have trouble finding a new job.

I lost my 3 clients last year because I went through a psychotic phase last year, where I made irrational demands to the client. I wish I could explain to the clients in question, that my behaviour was rooted in my mentally ill state, but there’s a certain stigma attached to it.

So now these clients just think I’m unreliable, which I was at that time and I’m scared to never find a new gig again.

What would you recommend me to do in order to avoid these phases in the future and to find a new gig?

Kind regards

I’m quoting stuff from dilbert

when you interview at a new company, they wont ask your current employer for reference because that would reveal your disloyalty to them and get you in trouble. The only thing the new company can find out is your job “experience”, not your competence,
experience is reflected on the job title you held, without regard to you massive disloyalty, sloth and fiduciary misconduct.

if you’ve spent 5 years designing advance aircraft engines, it doesn’t matter that you’ve only designed one engine and it leveled a nearby logging town. that information doesn’t travel with you. Only the good news does
you designed advanced aircraft engines

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