Hey everyone, I just wanted to start a thread for sharing any mental health successes, regardless of size.

Did you manage to get outside today? Make an overdue phone call? Get dressed? Bounce back after a panic attack?

This is your place to share your accomplishment(s).

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Today I realized I needed a shift of environment and managed to follow through on that by working from a local :coffee: coffee shop for a while.


I’ve been using the app Moodnotes for a few months now. It’s been helping me journal when I get stuck in certain thinking traps.


Reviving this thread!

Today I supported a local bookshop (online) and got dressed/brushed my hair.

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Huge win… after 19 years of misdiagnoses, I am now in the final part of a comprehensive assessment with an expert in ASD who has confirmed that all my life’s struggles are explained by this fact they all missed, when they made a big mess of things thinking they were offering qualified help!

I want to thank folks here, especially @allisonplus, as I know I was not always in the best headspace to know how to handle when others really tried to help — I have a long road to recover from all the trauma, which would not have been possible if it were not for this stop in my journey.


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I made it through the week! :sparkles: