Mindfulness at the Computer

Mindfulness at the Computer - alpha version

I’ve created an application called “Mindfulness at the Computer”, there is an alpha-version available now for download if you want to check it out:


I’ve found this to be useful for me when using the computer for extended periods of time, since it reminds me to be aware of (and care for) my myself and my body, by reminding me to be mindful of my breathing and to take breaks from the computer

I welcome feedback on how it can be improved, what you like about it, etc

Kind Regards, Tord


Can you make a Mac version? I’m really interested in this.

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Mac is supported by the Qt GUI framework which i use for the application, but there are two problems that i see:

  • Mac users have to install growl first, to support notifications
  • i don’t have access to a mac computer and i need this to build the application (i’m using pyinstaller to create the binaries)

If i find someone with a mac computer we could look into these things together. If you are willing to help out yourself, please contact me at [email protected]

Kindest Regards, Tord

PS You can also try running from source by following these steps, but again i think you will need to install growl for the popup notifications to work (other parts of the application should work though)

Hi again, an update on MacOS:
I have now heard from the first Mac user and it works on his computer (running from source). Breathing notifications work as well so i’m guessing that he must have growl installed http://growl.info/

If you like you can try installing growl and then run from source: https://github.com/SunyataZero/mindfulness-at-the-computer/blob/master/docs/running-from-source.md
These instructions are for Linux and Windows but it should be very similar on Mac (i’m updating with more exact info as soon as i can)

Also if you’d like to stay up to date with new versions of the application i’ve now created a newsletter which you can sign up for at the bottom of the front page of the website (please see link above, as a new user on this forum i can only post two links in the same post)

Kind Regards, Tord

I have major problems being mindful at the computer. I’ve starred your program on GitHub and will give it a closer look sometime within the next week @SunyataZero

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The project has moved and the new website is now: https://mindfulness-at-the-computer.github.io
Kind Regards, Tord

Now a Mac version is available for download!
Kind Regards, Tord

The alpha 4 release is now here, with downloads for GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows available: