My dad is a shamed of me

Been mouths since my last post because
I got into college as an Engineer.
Couldn’t be happier. I mean I wanted to be a doctor but it’s ok.
Ps(by engineer like electrical engineer).
It’s actually a good section to study in
I was so happy My Mom was proud of me
My father… Well he Pretended to be proud of me. but i don’t think he’s ever was he kept judging me. every thing l do wrong he made a big deal if it he even promised me a car and when he bought it he said:
The car is not yours it’s mine but you can take it for college (my college is 90 km out of town) and bring it back then he said it’s yours then he sold it.
That was few weeks ago. now he’s gonna Buy me a car after my mom made him and i said to my granbfather that my dad is gonna buy me a car. so he don’t have a choice hare.
But what’s really bother me is he tell his friends that I’m studying medicine instead of studying engineering. When i told him why would you say that hi said: it’s stuck in my mind.
How the hell is me studying medicine is stuck in his mind the fact that my father is a shamed of me studying engineering. it’s made depressed and god knows that I’ve never showed any depression on my face ever. But this time I couldn’t stop it
He saw the depression on my face and he said: it’s not a bad section but medicine stacked in my mind.
Fuck it i don’t give a shit any more

This sounds like a really difficult situation, but don’t give up! Maybe explain that an education in engineering will lead to an equally successful career as medicine without all the debt. Also, find a mentor (maybe one of your professors at school) who can encourage you, since your father isn’t fulfilling that role.

Hey, I really understand and empathise with you. It’s very difficult to have a parent like that. Times change very quickly… Probably in his time being a doctor was a great thing to do. Now, most people realize that professions that don’t seem hard at face value are actually quite difficult to excel in.

I am quite sure that you can’t change his mindset. So, the best thing to do is not to dwell on it. Be very proud and happy that you are following your passion which is a luxury not afforded by many people!! Do very well in college, and when you become successful in your field no one can pass judgement.

Are there any buses on that route, or have you checked for dorms near your college?