My recent renewed fight with depression


Hi folks,

I’ve struggled with depression for 30 years. I finally decided talk therapy and “cheer up, dude!” weren’t cutting it 13 years ago. Since then I’ve been (mostly) doing better with the help of medication and a good psychiatrist.

Over the last two years, despite the treatment I felt was working very well for me, I slowly spiraled down into another major bout of depression that nearly cost me my job. totally pissed me off, because I’m doing treatment, so WTF? This thing snuck around that treatment and pulled me down anyway. I made some adjustments in January and things are going a lot better now.

I wrote about this misadventure in a post on Medium that I’ve been told people are finding helpful, so I thought I would share it here. Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Hang in there, folks. Be on the lookout for recurring symptoms, even if you think you’ve got your bases covered. Sonsabitches (depression, anxiety) will sneak up on you if you’re not careful.


Thanks for sharing this, @claylo - I think it’s an important reminder of the vigilance that is often needed when dealing with mental health. Glad to hear that you’re doing a lot better since making adjustments in January, too.



I read your Medium post and it hit home. I am going through a relapse and med change right now. I, like you, was doing really well and was working my treatment. Then out of nowhere, bamm.