Need help panic attacks

I had panic attacks when I was in my twenties I think they came back I just had an unbelievable episode that I wanted to go call 911 but I fought it it’s just so frustrating how do I know there’s not something wrong with me and how do I know this is all due to anxiety anybody else dealing with similar situation

What have you tried till now?

@Joerin I’ve been working at meditation for a while. Lately I find if I picture myself at the top of a stairway, stepping down a step at a time, counting each one… 10… 9… 8…

Most important thing to remember is not to judge yourself or worry if extra thoughts come into your head. Gently bring yourself back when you notice your mind wandered. Start at 10 again if you feel like it. When you go from 1 to 0, notice that your thoughts are fewer, and slower. Then think “my thoughts are now calm and organized”, and repeat a mantra for about 5 minutes or whatever you like.

Your thoughts will wander, it happens to anyone who meditates. Just don’t worry about it. Acknowledge without judgment (it gets easier with practice), and try not to engage any extra thoughts. But if notice you do, don’t judge! Just invite them to leave, or smile at them, saying “I see you, I feel you, I understand”.

Some people may do better with an audio, guided meditation. You might find some you like on YouTube. Not all guided meditations are a perfect fit for everyone, so feel free to experiment (without judgment). xD

And yes, I have been to the point of feeling like I needed to call 911 before! It’s rough, man! I hope you can get some peace. There are also some warmlines you could call. Other resources, some online, at