Non-prescription "meds"

“natural”/herb/home remedy sort of stuff, I would include pot in this category and St Johns Wort (which apparently does have some effectiveness over a long period of consistent use).

Personally I’m in favour of prescription meds but some people can’t get access to them because of the stigma surrounding mental wellness. And others have tried some meds but didn’t find the right balance.

I’ve taken St John’s Wort and tried out Valerian for regulating sleep. What I’ve gotten from these is that they do help but they’re a very very light touch compared to prescription meds. Maybe good to force a slightly earlier sleep time and a slightly chipper mood in the morning but that’s it.

Ah, I’ve been going this route too. There’s also the case that a lot of people just want to see what can be done naturally before resorting to prescriptions. A lot of prescriptions have unpleasant side effects and some people aren’t willing to risk that trial and error that happens when you just have to find the “right” prescription. My best friend has tried all KINDS of prescription meds for depression and there was always some side effect or another that just made it too unbearable.

I think it also depends on what level of depression the person is in. I think for milder forms of depression, natural ways can definitely help, but for some, prescriptions are the only way to go. Everyone is different.

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far:

  1. Dairy Free Diet
  2. Low Sugar or No Sugar Diet
  3. More Whole Foods
  4. Green Smoothies
  5. 2000ui D3 Supplements < this has been helping me ALOT with energy
  6. Now Foods Phosphatdyl Serine, Soy Free < Brain Fog cure! I can
    still be unmotivated but I can actually focus somewhat after taking this
    every morning. I feel some emotional numbness, but I’d take that
    over feeling like I’m going to cry or scream while I’m at work
    because nothing makes sense to me.
  7. Getting sleep, like actually making sure I sleep, and if I don’t get
    sleep, take a work from home or sick day
  8. My normal Multi-vitamin
  9. No bad oils, only coconut oils to cook and occasional olive oil
  10. More Omega-3s, I’m allergic to shellfish so I have to just eat tuna fish all the time and eat a LOT of avocados
  11. No Soy or at least try to avoid it

I’m trying to cut down on gluten but I’ve been finding that hard to do so far…

Also found a great counselor through a friend that I can talk with on Skype so I can talk to her from home and then go to work after. She’s been tremendously helpful.

I’m not “cured” yet, but I’m definitely better than I was a year ago when my depression set in and I would randomly cry. Like I’d be cooking dinner and suddenly just cry. Or have a panic attack at my desk. So yeah - better. Still trying to find the magical combo of foods and supplements. :slight_smile: