Not looking like a total failure or feeling like one

As much as I hate to say it I don’t know much about programming i study a little bit of SQL, shell ,Unix ,Linux ,and I’m hoping to soon start studying C but right now I’m wondering what certifications I could actually get in a small amount of time I was hoping to get my Microsoft certification Microsoft server SQL certification but I don’t think I know enough yet is it possible to get my MTA certification or my A+ certification or are those hard as well I don’t want to sound lazy because I truly am not I’m just scared and I really just want finally get started in my career. PS the reason for the title is because I have a family reunion coming up and don’t want to just have nothing accomplished.

TBH, I’m not familiar with the Microsoft certification processes so can’t really speak to that or other certifications out there that might be similar.

You seem to know what you want your end goal to be; would it be helpful to work backwards from that and write down what the steps in between might look like? For instance, is the actual certification important or where that certification would allow you entry to? There might be a few different paths to what you’re viewing as ‘accomplished’.

If you’re plugging away at learning the things you want to learn, it doesn’t sound anything like a failure to me :sparkles: