Oh my GAD - relapse

Hello! I’ve been taking meds for over 7 years and was doing fine. After a few sessions with my psychiatrist I never went back because I felt like I was doing OK already…which was very much the case.

For ~7 years, I never had to deal with my anxiety again. I was a functioning citizen. I even got promoted 2x! But 2 months ago, I stopped taking meds because I wanted to be drug-free. Lo and behold, it’s back. Or at least it’s creeping back in.

Do you guys also know when it’s creeping back in?
Also, do you get tired of the cycle? At this point, I’m not. It’s just frustrating. I just hate the feeling.

The short answer to that question is yes, and then I feel like an idiot for stopping. Do NOT beat yourself up for taking medication!!!

I do it too. We all do it. But you know why you go see the psychiatrist, and why his or her opinion matters? A medical degree. Why is not being on drugs such a great thing anyway?

Read this.


Haaa! Good one. Also, I’m just happy I’m not alone in that “cycle”.

Re:meds - I just recently read about this article that says the serotonin “chemical imbalance” is a myth.

Now I’m wondering why it worked for me. They say it might just be a placebo effect. I’m not sure. I don’t think so.

Let the medical field figure out the medical field. Stick with what works for you. Again, why is it so preferable to not be on medication?

Without getting too much into ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ medication and the science behind it, I always find the argument of it potentially being a placebo effect intriguing. Your mileage may vary but if something works, it works.

Reminds me of that Fiona Apple lyric: "He said "It's all in your head," & I said, "So's everything" but he didn't get it".