Open source project for Devpressed developers

Would anybody be interested in an open source project for depressed developers to work on? As its me suggesting it, it would probably be some kind of web or mobile app using any of:

node.js (or open source alternative)
Swift / iOS
WordPress (yeah, I know)
Apache Cordova

If there is interest, I could set up a slack channel to discuss.


Example idea - web app for buddying up depressed developers to get them over their current tech crisis


I would be very interested. Part of my problem though (but I suspect so are many others on this site) is that I feel I have no real skill or anything to offer. So I may not be so useful. But it would be amazing just to be a part of it and see how projects are done elsewhere.

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Cool. Well I would welcome your input so you’re founding member #2. Congrats :slight_smile:

I like this idea quite a bit.

I think it could be especially useful for other devpressed members if we could chop up the program tasks into bitesized pieces to help people build up some more confidence.

Sounds great. Any ideas to share? No worries if not but maybe you can share a bit about your skillset or alternatively something you’d like to learn?

I am 110% willing to help with this. It sounds like a great idea. I have recently started to improve but I want to reach out and help people. A social app of devpressed could be an easy jumping off point. Just a quick idea.

My experience is primarily in Java web development, but I’d love to focus on something with more JavaScript (node, Angular, Ionic, Parse are all good examples).

I’m not great with genius ideas, but something that helped out people with depression seems obvious and well-targeted. I like the idea of buddying up to help build mini support groups.

I know a lot of people here express low confidence in their skills and difficulty finding jobs, especially in the tech interview portions. Maybe some kind of web app supporting regular (weekly?) discussions about certain tech topics, like SOLID principles, refactoring, TDD, design patterns, etc. Something like a study group/meetup that’s relatively language agnostic.

@grant_vinson your message just popped up as I was answering this; what are you thinking as far as a social app for Devpressed?

I’m not sure what devpressed has to offer as far as an api or something but recreating the forum into an app might be a fun starter “get to know ya” app.

I’m mostly a frontend guy with a php background. I really enjoy css and it’s little secrets for some reason lol. I haven’t worked with phonegap, ionic or anything of the sort but I have been wanting to. Does anyone have any experience with them?

I 99% sure we can come up with a better idea if we think about it though.

I like the idea. I have experience with JavaScript and PHP, as well as Html and many of its APIs. I would like to help somehow.

You might also be interested in having a look at and maybe contribute to their project as well.

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I’m interested in this. Although I’m working on my own open source project called LoveMind. It’s a yelp-like/social app that shows all mental health resources within a geographic area. Allows you to rate them, upvote/downvote, have comments, and social interaction. I’ve started this in Rails/Ruby but would be open to having people help me with it. I need a lot of help on the front-end as I’m more of a backend engineer.

If you are interested hit me up on twitter: @shakycode

For anyone following along and if you are interested in working on this, please send an email to with :smile:

  • details of how to not have a colon turn into a smiley when what you wanted was a colon (joke but its quite annoying and also happens on github)
  • your skillset
  • any dormant ideas you have e.g. a side project you never started / abandoned which might be suitable
  • any other info you think might be relevant e.g. your diagnosis (but don’t share that if you don’t want to)
  • whether you think the project should openly state ‘hey we’re all nuts but look what we made’ or be more discreet

Hi Grant. Devpressed is an install of the discourse forum software which is written in Ruby. There is some info on the API here. Discourse is quite mobile friendly already FYI. Please see my request from contributors further down this thread too :slight_smile:

a-apache cordova?! really?

Does this slack channel exist?