Paranoia and depression: fired recently

I was recently fired from a senior developer job. I’ve been a developer for 6 years, mostly working at financial companies in the UK.

I feel like I have a really good work ethic as I force myself to work in pretty much any circumstances.

What happened was I forced myself into work when I was basically unconcious. They sent me home and fired me the next day.

They said they were happy with my work apart from my illness. I had taken a couple of days off but pretty much worked through everything.

I suffer from psychosis which includes pretty extreme paranoia. I’m not on any medication for it specifically. I take antidepressants because these help me sleep.

I also suffer from depression. My diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder.

I seem to be finding it more difficult to land a new job now. I’ve had feedback that I’ve had too many jobs in a short space of time. (3 jobs in the past 12 months.)

I’ve been referred to the pyschiatrist to look at medication again, but this will take 3 months.

To be honest, I’ve been through so many jobs now that I find it hard not to be cynical about the places I work. It’s difficult to disguise apathy at interview although I try my best to pysch myself up for the companies I’m applying for.

I honestly don’t care and just want money so I can live.

I’m thinking of quitting the industry and getting a job in retail. It seems like a shame because of all the time and effort that went into learning my skills and making connections with people.

What I’m doing right now is applying for sickness/disability benefits. I had some success claiming these in the past but it’s not a great life strategy. I really need a job.

Anyone gone through similar? Would like to hear your story.