Question: how to explain your sensory overload?

i am new here so apologies in case i will post in the wrong place.
I work in a team of 8/10 people and since i suffer of sensory overload it is often not easy to focus inside the room.
I found some triggers to help me survive this situation but sometimes happens that my brain is not prepared enough to face a HUGE wave of sounds/lights/smells information and i go in overflow especially when people start to talk about things that are not work related in a fast and loud (for me) way and i am working on something that needs particular focus or fast resolution.
I tried already to explain my boss but i think he does not understand well that the sensory overload is not a thing that you choose to have, it just happens.
I find difficulty in making him/her understand that is a mind condition and not a taste choice despite he is very open to talk about.
what worries me it is that the usual reaction is pity or prejudice behavior while i think that some workarounds could help.
I would like to ask if you have any suggestion about how i can make him or people around understand this.


Not nearly as bad as you, but I dream of having somewhere nice and quiet to just get on with work without being bothered. Absolutely hate open plan offices but it seems like nobody else I’ve worked with seems bothered by noise at all.

I have no coping advice unfortunately. Are you able to use unplugged headphones or something?

Best wishes,


At the moment i found there are good noise-canceling headphones on the market and i want to give a try. They are expensive but i think the investment will be worth.
I have a good set of headphones at the moment but it does not suit well because i can hear things the same on the background and this scares me more.
For the sight i am waiting to be given a link related to glasses lenses that should help to reduce the visual overload.
I tried to explain my difficulty without being exposed too much and it seems it was a bit understood.
Despite this, my main little concern is related to the fact that senses belong to our instinct and as a consequence, for a neurotypical person time will be need to understand and process what i reported.
To give an example about this: if i make someone aware about “hearing loud voices” the first fast answer back is usually “they are not loud for me” and this does not help.
But i will wait and evaluate before being too much judgmental.
Thank you very very much for your reply.