Refer your psychiatrist or therapist

The best way to find a mental health professional is to get a referral. But referrals are hard to get because people don’t admit that they’re seeing a psych or therapist in the same way that they admit they’re seeing a dentist or doctor.

If you’ve worked with a therapist or psych who you would recommend, post them here.

Psychiatrist in Chicago
Dr. David Kaiser
[email protected]
Office at Wabash and Lake

Therapist in Chicago
John Harris
[email protected]
Office at North and Wells

I have a Skype Mental Health Counselor that was recommended to me by my best friend who suffers from social anxieties/OCD as well as depression. I’ve been dealing with my depression and my mother’s cancer, and this counselor is really really good. It’s definitely a great option for someone who wants to have an hour chat or so without being tied to a doctor’s office. However since she’s a counselor, she can’t prescribe medications but if you’re just looking to talk, sometimes that’s all some people need.

Integrity Counseling
Located in Florida but I skype from elsewhere.
My counselor is Tanya Bunch.
Locations here.

I believe if you’re in the Florida area, you can schedule in person appointments as well. They also have a Countryside and West Bay office. Hope it helps someone.

Psychiatrist in Dallas
Dr. Steve Tankersley
(214) 528-9240
[email protected]

Therapist in Dallas
Gail Chester, Ph.D.
(214) 373-6370

Therapist in Chicago
Robert Yata
[email protected]

Office at Michigan and Washington or at Belmont and Racine.

Erin Obradovich
[email protected]
^same office location

Probably anyone from Live Oak is great, I have worked with Erin and am working with Robert now and they have both been fantastic- they are empathetic and warm, but also offer great reframes of the situations I am going through and strategies to deal with situations. Live Oak is also LGBT friendly.

If you are on the fence about seeing a therapist, just go do it. It makes such a difference!

Copying in an email I got from a Developers and Depression reader regarding therapists in San Francisco:

Carol Lau, PhD, psychologist and psychoanalyst in San Francisco

Dr. Robin Cooper, psychiatrist in San Francisco

Beth Barmack, psychoanalyst in San Francisco
415 668-5677

I’ve been seeing Carol for nearly ten years—I was extremely lucky to have found her when I first started therapy. Robin is both trained both as a psychiatrist and psychologist; one of the only ones I know that specializes in both medicine and talk therapy. Beth is a couples counselor my partner and I have used. There’s a lot of unresolved stigma around couples therapy, but we consider it a key way to keep our relationship healthy and happy.

All three are fantastic and kind people. Can’t recommend them enough.

+1 on Erin and Live Oak. Had the opportunity to work with her at DevBootcamp Chicago. Fantastic people.