Senior developer failed code review and depressed

I have been working in a software industry for around 7 years with above average performance . The project which I am working on currently has started freshly . I was asked to design Database schema for it and received lot of design review comments and I am starting to doubt about my skills . I have done lot of silly mistakes and I could not believe that I made those after the review was done.I am feeling depressed about this, not able to face my self and feel like a shit. Has anyone felt like this? How did you cope up?

I’ve been there. Are you sure they are “mistakes” and not a matter of different points of view?

When I started in this business reviews were not common. I guess the purpose of them is to increase overall quality but I’m a bit torn. I don’t handle critisism well myself, even when it’s valid.

Can you tell us more about your situation - do you enjoy your job otherwise? Are you working with the tech stack you like best?

Hey there - don’t worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes, even ones that feel dumb. The important thing is to learn from them and keep them in mind next time.

Bookmark the review so you can go back to it next time you have to do a similar task. Try to respond to the people giving you the review enthusiastically and gratefully. If you have to, make a joke about one of your sillier mistakes (i.e. “Yikes, can’t believe I missed that one, need more coffee” something lame like that :slight_smile:

Code reviews are the toughest part of the job for me - both giving them and getting them. They can be very uncomfortable and can tax your confidence. FWIW you’re not alone, just try to take it as a learning experience and hang in there.

Good luck!


Many people find it difficult to deal with depression.