Sick of trying everything!

I am so sick and tired of not able to achieve anything.

I am of 26 years from India and was working on this fucking project for like 6 years with my business partner. It was a failure. Whatever I tried , failed.

Now he’s got a job and earning 1200 dollar per month whereas am earning nothing. I am sick of it.

I am trying to make games for iOS and it is completely not working. I am not able to make fucking grids for my project.


It sounds like you are experiencing burnout and depression. I’ve been there working on a project for 3 years with no benefit to me. One thing I did that helped me a bit was to take a break. Even if it’s for a few days (but try for a week). Take a step back from everything, do something else (work or play) and recharge your batteries. Once you come back to the situation you may have a different perspective on everything.

Have you also tried looking for a pdoc who might help you get on a mild medication regimen that would help with the depression?

Trust me… It gets better. I know that sounds like BS, but it does. Everything is transient, just remember that.