Sql certified (tips)

How do you all feel about the learn sql in 21 days book? Do you believe its worth a shot. Im moving soon and want to become certified in sql in February. Any other tips can help to
I have schizoaffective disorder and dont want that to get in the way of my goal career.

I hold several SQL certifications. My experience with them is that even showing up with what I’ve got, the “describe a left join” level of question is always there. And to be honest, I’m not sure anyone believed I knew it as well as I do from an interview. I struggle to convey that I know this stuff in interviews. It’s been 100% hit or miss, no middle ground. I really hate tech interviews by the way.

Anyways, for learning SQL, which it sounds like you want, those kinds of books tend to be fine for the basics. The certifications are all over the map but it wouldn’t come close to getting you through most brand certifications due to the fact that they tend to spin the tests for their environment. Personally, I had a lot of trouble coming from MySQL and, for example, someone would ask me about a clustered index. It just wasn’t relevant to MySQL back in the day the way it was to Microsoft. It wouldn’t even have been relevant to the job but that’s like the one fact someone knew, tossed it in, and whammy to me.

Did I mention that I hate tech interviews?

Anyways, good luck with it, I can’t say if it’ll help, but I used those books a couple of times for quick overviews and they were OK at that level.

thanks so much for the response. i was worried noone would. I havent even been certified and i know im gonna hate interviews. My biggest worry is getting certified right now i dot have the resources to properly prepare myself for the certs . right now im trying to get MCSA: SQL Server certification ,2012/2014/2016. im still trying to get past begginner but i need to know im going in the right direction. im more of video learner to be honest.

There are 3 tests in that cert. The TSQL was pretty straight-forward although there were things I wasn’t that familiar with coming from MySQL. The server was my weakest part and it’s probably the most meaningless for a SQL/BI guy. The third was for SSIS and database design and it was, easily the broadest, and hardest to me. Although, ironically, it was also my highest score.

But, that’s for 2012, and doesn’t apply for 2016 apparently.

It looks like they’ve, again, changed it for 2016 and there are 3 tracks. Unfortunately, for someone like me in the BI space, I’d need two of those to really do it right as a learning experience.

I hate to give advice on it but I don’t think I’d do the 2016 track. Unless you’ve got time in that niche, it took me a month, sometimes a couple, of pretty heavy study to pass one of the tests. So figure 3 months for both if you can commit a lot of time to study. I guess that might fit your time-frame but it also might be longer if you start from zero. Also, if Transcender is still around they can be useful for getting a feel for the tests but at a cost of another $149.

Whatever you do, good luck with it.

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Can i just take the 2012 cert test or is that a waste of time?