Support groups?

Hi there. I’m a female programmer of several years, and while I still love code, the culture has proved to be genuinely traumatic over time. Between factors as subtly isolating as guys who see programming as the work of lone geniuses and not that of collaborative teams, to the overt instances of sexual harassment, it’s a struggle not to feel anxious and constantly unsafe in the workplace (even when working in objectively good, healthy work environments).

I was wondering, are there group therapy style support groups out there for women in tech to work through this kind of anxiety? Not necessarily a women’s hacker collective, but a facilitated group therapy arrangement to help support other women who’ve been traumatized by working in tech for a good long while.


Can I suggest poking around on a few forums and seeing if that’s something people would find helpful?

You could try to start a meetup in your area. I’ll bet there’s other female programmers with the same issues, even one or two others is a good basis for a support group to share and trade stories.

If you do find something i would love to know about it im dealing with the same thing.