The command line and me

Does anyone else have a difficult time using the command line as opposed to navigating with UIs (finder/explorer)? With my ADD, I am constantly losing my place and it takes so much attention-effort for me to concentrate enough to move up and down directory structures and construct command line commands with complicated parameters.

As an aside, it’s a bit embarrassing as a lead developer of over twenty years to rely on UIs as much as I do. Until I took adderall for the first time, I never knew why everyone else liked it so much more than finder. Then I realized how much extra effort I was spending losing my place and finding it again over and over without even realizing I was doing it.

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Thank you for posting and sharing your experience with this; it pinpoints the aspect of discomfort I feel when people treat UI/GUI as a ‘lesser than’ rather than just another option.

While I am not someone with ADD, I’m such a visual person that the effort required for command line navigation is usually not worth negatively affecting my workflow. I’m more efficient using a GUI.

If I were working under a lead developer who preferred a UI, I’d likely feel more comfortable about my own usage if the focus was on the work rather than the tools we use to get the work done. Maybe you can see it as a way to contribute to a diverse type of leadership for those around you!