The traits you found out there /fun/

Just for fun, I am bringing this up… don’t take that too seriously.

What the common traits have you met at work? For example, I often see:

1- the screamer. Asking for the simplest thing, such as which repo should you clone, or where to find a document is the most painful task. He makes sure that everyone else hears the answer to make you look like a moron for asking such simple question. Usually, seems extremely busy but most of the time you wonder what that person delivers other than sourness. Also, tends to give no-hire when a candidate is smarter (or just looks smarter).

2- clueless-friendly. Great guy to hang out, go out for lunch, or just afternoon chat. It is the social glue for the team but you can’t count on him on technical matters. I used to wonder how those people get good jobs, but they can effectively memorize those (stupid) programming questions and have some decent education, so they pass the hiring circus.

3- the sociopath (upper) manager. Know how to play the corporate game and have no moral standards whatsoever. Achieve visibility shipping a overstated framework then playing political games. Must have a very weird sex life.

will continue…