Things to keep in mind when posting and replying

Hey folks,

I wanted to raise some things to think about when posting or replying

  1. If you are not a mental health professional, you should avoid diagnosing or giving treatment advice. You may do more harm than good.
  2. If you are a mental health professional, identify yourself as such, and list your credentials.
  3. It’s okay to talk about personal experiences, but make sure it’s clear that it’s your own experience, and may not be applicable to anyone else.
  4. Remember to listen non-judgmentally. Your responses should reflect empathy.
  5. Be kind and careful in your responses.
  6. Often the best advice is to encourage people to seek professional help.
  7. Include commonly used words in your topic so others can find it. To group your topic with related topics, select a category.

OSMI strongly recommends taking the Mental Health First Aid course to learn how to interact in a helpful way. It is extremely informative and is available in 22 countries:

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