To the 16 year old who posted recently

Hey there, I saw you posted and then changed your post to effectively delete it. Totally understood. You were super vulnerable in your post and it’s totally natural to want to pull that back in.

I saw your post before it got deleted and wanted to respond in general.

For me at least, high school sucked. I’ve heard the same thing from a lot of other super smart, super successful folks. One of the problems with our school system is that it has to be set up to be able to funnel a ton of people through it, and thus ends up accommodating the lowest common denominator.

It’s quite possible to have skillset that will enable you to be very successful in the “real world” but still find school to be incredibly difficult.

I wish I had understood that better back then – that highschool wasn’t what life was always going to be like. There is a huge, huge world out there. Full of all these jobs you’ve never heard of. All these people who don’t fit into the jock/theater/geek/valedictorian stereotypes. A life where you can pursue the things that interest you whenever you want and actually get paid for doing that.

I don’t have great advice for getting through the next couple of years. Just know that a whole wide world opens up to you after you graduate and you’ll never have to go through what you just went through again. It gets better. Much, much better.


i missed the post this is referencing but i second all of that ^^