Trying to get back in the game

So I have suffered from major depression - schizoaffective disorder on and off for about 40 years. Around 1990 I thought I had it beat, went to college, and got a comp sci degree. (4.0/4.0). I got a job with a fortune 500 insurance company and was assigned to a project that involved building predictive profit and loss models for the actuarial department. I quickly established myself as the best programmer in the department, and developed quite the reputation for being able to understand the problem domain without the need of any business analysts - that is, I could go straight to design without have anyone explain the business models and requirements to me. I was successful, in other words. About 10 years ago I began to feel dissatisfied, like something was wrong. I guess my success blinded me, and so I ignored what I was feeling. Long story short, I had a major relapse and fell out of the industry. I thrashed around for a while, but I have since gone back on my medication and feel like the old me - actually better, as the medication I am on seems to provide a solid foundation to do other things.
So now the problem is that I need to be able to prove I still can code (I can). I am primarily a C++ developer (the whole bit, STL, Boost, couple different GUI frameworks, Linux/Unix mostly but some Windows), but I pick up languages like other people pick up eating utensils.
I also am a licensed attorney, but that is another story and this e-mail is already too long. However, I can also bring this skill set to the table - I can be paid to do programming work and if a firm needs legal advice I can provide that too,
If you can help me in anyway I would appreciate it.

I can relate to the whole leaving the field due to depression bit, though for me it was far less severe and I was able to get re-employed fairly easily.

No ideas for you… but wishing you good luck with this.

Thank you for your support, Emma