What are the changes that you want to see in your work place which would make you feel better?

Hi there, I am a mental health worker. Would like to understand more about the issue. My hope is to increase mental health awareness and change the negative work culture in tech.
Q- What do you need as an employee from your company? What is the work environment that you envision?

Any advice? I would like to learn.

I work 50-60 hours per week… maybe more sometimes.

I need another developer to help me out but I work at a startup and money is tight. So I’m constantly stressed out trying my best to meet unreasonable expectations.

My idea of a good work environment ?

A place …

  • where each team member can grow and learn.
  • where people are not afraid to make mistakes (culture of blame).
  • where people can work reasonable hours.

Ideal work environment (for me):


Basically, I just want an environment where I can feel secure in my job, where I can grow and become elite in my field.

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hmmm… “where people are not afraid to make mistakes (culture of blame)”

Is it because people do not understand how different people’s brain works differently (like acknowledging the neurodiversity of the brain)? Or they are just not taking responsibility on their own piece of pie?

tell me more about encouraging…

does that mean verbal acknowledgement or understanding from peers/ managers?

It’s about culture. A failure is an opportunity to grow and be better.

"Less-skilled companies name, blame, and shame"

Clearly Defined Responsibilities. I want to know what are and what are not my responsibilities. I also would like each worker to know what every other colleague is [not] responsible for. I would like this to be in writing so that we don’t end up intruding on each others’ work. I realize this is (dare I say) a luxury in startups especially if the product is artistic in nature. If we have this down in writing and enforced, then we all know where we stand in the company. And knowing where we stand creates a sense of responsibility, accountability, and belonging.

Clear Mission and Vision. Everyone should know what the company’s objectives are besides what the products are. Everyone should also know what the company wants to see in the near and distant future. Yes, have these in writing. This is so when we’re asked about the company we work for, we have a more firm answer.

Established Process. Everyone should know how the product is developed, deployed, and maintained. There are a lot of decisions to be made here, but at a minimum, the company should implement version control, each developer gets a local copy of projects so they can debug and test locally before submitting. Under any circumstance, spontaneity needs to be tamed (especially management), there needs to be a push for consistency and effective communication.

Education. With deadlines and customer requirements, it is often difficult to set some time aside for learning new technology and practices. I’m not asking for the company to send me back to school or for us to attend seminars (but I wouldn’t refuse if they offered) but at least give us some time to learn new stuff and even build a mock-up version of our current products that implement the new technology.

This more than anything. Especially coming right out of college with no experience in the technologies. When was I supposed to learn them you know? Not much downtime at work. If there was a set time at work on a consistent basis for research that would’ve been amazing.

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Encouraging, for me, would be just the occasional ‘don’t worry about it; you’ll get it’. I generally don’t gain anything from recognition, but that would help.