What have you done to make your maintenance experience better?

I get a bit nervous thinking about managing my condition for the rest of my life. The anxiety of not having enough meds when I travel, or having to switch treatments when I jump jobs, makes me feel like I don’t want to do this… but I know I can’t really do anything important in life without the medications.

What have you tried to make your maintenance experience better (labs, medications, psychiatrist)?

Hi @calmpy - I identify with this - it’s a lot of juggling in addition to other aspects of life. I don’t know if I have any concrete suggestions. I try to have auto-refill on my medications so I don’t forget / lapse a few days (consistency is key for me!) and generally have my therapy planned in advance, whether I think I need it or not. Maintenance-wise, it’s also important for me to regulate my stress + work routine. I’m sure to most people it looks like my life is really low key but generally it’s a requirement for me.