When depression hit you strongly

Hi long time no see,I don’t know where to start I mean school been a little hard and my father is not making my life any easier but I’m not listing to him and with the medterms and quizzes I’m feeling a bit depressed but the death of my friend oh my god.
Today my friend past away and I felt like empty
I cried. At first I tried not to cry i was holding it but when my mom saw me depressed she asked me:is it because your friend? when she said that I couldn’t hold it I started crying and trying to stop but couldn’t
I couldn’t believe that my friend is gone it was so hard for me.
He was full of joy,full of laughs,full of life he loved to go to the desert after a rainy day we all did but now I can’t imagine going with out him.
My friend i well always remember you and always love you goodbye