When to give up?

Throughout my childhood, I always had the unhealthy mentality that if I can’t do something then it’s not something I should do. This caused me to stop doing a lot of things. One of which is reading. Now as an adult in college, I’m trying to decide what to do for the rest of my life. I often question myself whether I dislike a topic because it’s hard or it’s something that I truly despise. This fear is preventing me from giving 100% dedication to a subject that I potentially like because i’m always hesitating whether if it’s the right one or I’m just forcing it. Sometimes I feel like it’s worse than deciding to marry someone. Any advice? Not on marriage but on finding something that I will love to do?

I often make lists of pros/cons that help me figure out my actual reasoning behind something. I think it’s totally valid to question whether you’re doing something to prove a point, whether you actually LIKE it, or if you’re not feeling up to snuff & want to leave it behind.

Would it be helpful to set a goal of a certain amount of hours invested in something? At that point, you could potentially re-evaluate what you like/don’t like about it & see if they are just beginner learning curve related or that actual activity. Even the things I love to do had (& continue to have) their speed bumps but I’ve invested enough time/know I love it enough to muddle through.