You just need to keep on moving forward

I know this doesn’t apply to the seriously depressed, but I just wanted to share: If you’re just feeling down, you need to remember that you have to find your way through - to survive.

Like I mentioned here before, I am almost 40, suffer from the imposter syndrome, am terrible at working and competing in teams, and additionally I have been battling cancer for almost a year.

I am taking every step I can to make my live easier:

  1. have been leading teams instead of joining them because I am better at it and I hate competition. I like competing only with myself.
  2. later, went freelance because I prefer to work on my own or in tiny 2-3 person teams with clearly defined responsibility boundaries
  3. have been through surgery, chemotheraphy, radiotheraphy and there’s a major surgery still ahead of me, and all of this was and will be hard. but you just need to keep on moving forward. there is no other way.

just keep trying to make live easier for you. shitty job? change it. not job? change places. don’t like competing? become a manager or go freelance. cancer (well, unless terminal) - well just go through the required treatment and move on.


Sorry to hear about the cancer. It sounds like you have a good attitude about it though. Please keep us updated on how it all goes.

I am telling myself this everyday, just keep moving forward. Even if its a crawl. Even if I don’t see the point. Just survive.


I really appreciate your post and the fact that you shared this. I am sorry for your cancer, but I love your attitude. In fact, you just made me throw away my pack of cigarettes.

I hope that you recover and your positive attitude will only make it better. I hope to keep hearing from you, with good news in the future.